Svein Kjellesvik Chairman

Mr. Kjellesvik has a 28 year career in leading positions in Schlumberger. He played a key role in building the seismic company Geco from the mid 70ties until Geco was sold to Schlumberger in 1986. Staying with Schlumberger, he became President of their Marine Seismic Division. Svein has made significant contributions to the seismic industry in the field marine 3D, ocean bottom multi component seismic and innovative business models for non exclusive seismic. Svein retired from Schlumberger in 2002. Since then he has worked as a private entrepeneur being involved in start ups within the exploration industry. Mr. Kjellesvik graduated in 1973 with a Masters Degree in Applied Physics from the Technical University of Trondheim (NTH).

Geoffrey Leid Managing Director

Geoffrey Leid is a corporate consultant/adviser with a particular focus on oil and gas development projects. His extensive experience in the acquisition and funding of resource projects in Trinidad spans ten years. An attorney by profession, Mr. Leid has specialised in real estate, corporate mergers and acquisitions and he sits on numerous boards in the real estate, telecommunications and energy sectors throughout the Caribbean. Mr. Leid holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Administrative Studies from York University, Canada and obtained his LLB in the United Kingdom. As a member of Grays Inn, he was called to the Bar in England. Mr. Leid is a Certified Management Accountant and a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants in Canada.


Stacey Bowman-Lamsee Corporate Services Manager

Stacey Bowman-Lamsee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the group with over ten (10) years' experience in the oil industry, having held various Administrative, Finance, Human Resource and Corporate portfolios. Within the group, Ms. Bowman-Lamsee functions as the Corporate Services Manager and Corporate Secretary. Ms. Bowman is a member of the Association of Business Executives (UK) and is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration, with a specialisation in Finance from the Australian Institute of Business.

Myodeen Ali Production Manager

Myodeen Ali is a Production and Operations Specialist with particular focus on oil production. Over the past twenty four (24) years, he has successfully performed at very senior management positions with responsibility for portfolios of high value and elevated risk in energy production operations in Trinidad. Mr. Ali has a broad range knowledge and experience in the areas of production optimization, drilling and HSE. Mr. Ali has held senior positions at Territorial Oil field Management Services, Primera Energy Resources Limited and has also worked at Neal and Massy Energy Resources and Petrotrin. Mr Ali's training and qualifications are in Production Operations from PetroSkill University of Trinidad & Tobago and Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies.


Caribbean Rex Board Members

Svein Kjellesvik - Chairman

Kristofer Skantze - Director

Geoffrey Leid - Managing Director