WEST INDIAN ENERGY GROUP LTD (WIEGL) is a local company that provides Exploration and Production (E & P) services to the state owned oil company PETROTRIN. The facilities and activities required to achieve this services have an impact on the environment, therefore the company is committed to sound environmental practices, protecting the environment and providing a safe workplace for our employees, contractors and the stakeholders. This commitment is consistent with our corporate objective to conduct our business in an economically efficient, socially responsible and environmentally acceptable way. The Environmental Management System provides the framework for the development and integration of environmentally responsible practices into WIEGL’s business plan thereby:

  • Minimising the creation of waste and wherever possible recycle materials. Waste that cannot be eliminated, reduced, reused, recycled or composted, will be disposed through safe and responsible methods.
  • Considering the interest and utilising the knowledge of our customers, employees, stakeholders, and other parties who may be affected by our actions;
  • Provide a safe workplace by providing training to reduce the exposure of all forms of pollution, to ensure adequate protection of the environment and consequently the health and well being of personnel.
  •  Respond immediately and appropriately to incidents that may endanger the health or safety of persons, stakeholders, and/or environment.
  • Coordinate and participate in community activities/campaigns that improve environmental quality, and/or contribution to the environmental awareness of our employees and the public.
  • Use production process that minimises environmental impacts.
  • Meeting or surpassing regulatory requirements (EMA), guideline, or standards, including the principles of Sustainable Development;
  • Documenting and reporting our activities consistent with the International Organisation for Standardisation’s ISO 14001;
  • Reviewing our environmental objectives and targets annually to ensure improvement in our environmental performance; and
  • Continually improving our Integrated Environmental Management Systems by conducting self-assessments and performing audits\utilising the expertise of independent consultants

This policy will be posted in all work areas at our facility to ensure that all interested stakeholders, community members and employees have access to this information and can provide feedback.